RADAR and Camera Sensor
Fusion Algorithm

Movon is focusing on doing Research and development on AI-powered technology and automotive sensors to​ improve a driver safety and reduce car accidents.​

Movon is developing AI-powered technology ​
and automotive sensors to ​
improve a driver safety and reduce ​
car accidents.​

We are mainly doing in-house development and research on 76~77G Mid-range
RADAR and 79G​ Short-range RADAR and fulfill a variety of automotive applications
related to driver's safety.​

  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Reversing motion and motor vehicles with regard to the driver’s awareness of vulnerable road users behind vehicles
  • Moving Off Information System for the Detection of Pedestrians and Cyclists

VR fusion Automotive Application

Because radar detects objects by emitting radio signals and ​analyzing the echo
in the reflected signal, this system can ​operate robustly in different weather conditions,
Cameras are ​also widely used because they can provide rich data, similar to ​that by
the human eye. However, radar measurements are ​limited in terms of the angle
resolution and this data is rather ​noisy due to false alarms.​

A mono-camera-based ADAS doesn’t have stable performance in poor lighting and ​
environmental conditions, and conventional RADAR only-based ADAS has object
classification ​issue. Vision RADAR fusion algorithm is using Camera & Radar fusion
algorithm to overcome ​a single sensor’s weakness. It combines the benefits of both
sensors in the most effective way ​possible. It tracks the vehicle in front with radar and
camera sensor together, which reduces ​false alerts and increases the measurement
reliability, range and accuracy.​

RADAR Sensor​

The radar sensor includes a radar processor configured to calculate a position and movement information of an object from radio waves reflected from the object and receives the position and movement information of the object that are calculated by the radar processor.
the radar module includes a transmitter configured to transmit radio waves, a receiver configured to receive radio waves reflected from an object, and a radar processor configured to control the transmitter to transmit the radio waves, and calculate at least one of a distance to the object and a speed of the object from the reflected radio waves.
​The radar module may further include a radar interface configured to output formed object information to at least one of an external warning device. Horizontal FOV is ±6° @160m, ±20° @50m and Vertical FOV is ±5°. Range Accuracy is <±0.5m. Frequency band is 76-77 GHz. Output data is x range, y range, relative velocity.

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