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Movon Corporation was found as a testing laboratory office of Cetecom Germany in Seoul, Korea in 1998. With the strength in testing field, Movon established wireless R&D center in 2001 and launched the first Bluetooth module in the following year, and has become a Tier-2 supplier for General Motors.
Movon focused on automotive business more, and built an automotive specialized testing laboratory in 2004. The testing laboratory has been accredited by auto makers such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, FCA, Hyundai, Renault, etc.
To extend more in automotive area, Movon launched Advanced Driver Assistance System business in 2011. Since its start, Movon has focused on affordable camera safety system, and developed ADAS algorithms such as Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), and Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW). Movon became a Tier-1 supplier for TATA Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, and supplied OEM Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


安卓手机用 ADAS标定程序



MDVR(深圳尖峰时刻)+DSM(深圳腾视)+ADAS(青岛模本)+RADAR(东莞粤熙 77G毫米波雷达)如下


Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018 from 13~16 October. 2018

Visit us at Hong Kong Electronics Show 2018. Booth No: 3D-A24 (Hall 3D)

We will introduce IPS LCD indicator with Speed Limit Recognition Solution, and display OEM Driver Assistance System.

If you have any inquiry, please contact hugh.choe@movon.co.kr


青岛模本电子有限公司 ( Movon Corporation )的ADAS产品称为‘MDAS-9’ ,TSR限速识别功能的追加实现


2018 81 无人驾驶有关核心算法公司 青岛模本电子有限公司 ( MOVON Corporation  www.movon.co.kr) 总经理‘罗钟皓’表示到,实现了TSR限速识别功能。因此,MDAS-9是不仅仅TSR限速识别,而且摩托车和骑行者识别,行人碰撞预警, 前车碰撞预警, 前车出发提醒,车道偏离预警同时支持的尖端驾驶辅助系统 ( ADAS = Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ) . TSR限速识别功能是到目前止只Mobileye在后装市场有成品。所以, MOVON ADAS后装市场稳稳定位于世界第二位。


为了增加TSR限速识别的可见性 ,新的LCD小屏幕提示器的TSR图标开发了如下。


  • 20186: 中国湖北襄阳 NAST 国家汽车质量监督检测中心(襄阳), 以JT/T883-LDW &  GB/T 33577 ADAS 标准基础进行FCWLDW测试

  • 20183: 韩国 Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute, ISO 17361 & 15623 ADAS 标准基础进行FCWLDW测试

  • 20177:  中国汽车技术研究中心 以GB/T 26773 基础进行LDW测试以及NCAPC-NCAP基础进行FCW测试

  • 20175: 韩国 Korea Automotive Technology Institute NCAP基础进行PCW 测试 ( Certificate no. KTS171587-2 )

  • 2017 5 : 欧洲 TASS international safety center EU ECE R130 LDW标准基础 进行LDW测试

  • 20172 : 以色列 Ariel Vehicle Lab

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